Straight Up 615 Presents…

Straight Up 615 Presents

September is Bourbon Heritage Month and Straight Up 615 is bringing the Bourbon Trail to Nashville! Join us for one of our exclusive pairing dinners to celebrate. Master Distillers and Blenders will walk guests through vertical tastings of some of their most highly prized (& allocated) releases while the kitchen at Urban Grub serves five courses, perfectly paired with each bourbon.

Maker’s Mark tickets on sale to the public July 28th! Denny Potter and Jane Bowie will discuss the entire Wood Finishing Series, including the second 2021 FAE-02 release.

Four Roses tickets coming soon! Brent Elliott and Dan Gardner join us to chat yeast and recipes while we sip through the Limited Edition Small Batch releases of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.