Straight Up Stir Crazy

Taking to the ethernet for virtual happy hour is the latest in COVID chic. We’re diving in to the new world order.

4/7/2020- Women In Whiskey

Of COURSE my first calls were to my favorite whiskey women! As we figure out all this technology during our inaugural virtual happy hour, we stumble across a little news. Nicole gives us the scoop on when we can expect the second release of the George Dickel Bottled in Bond. Ale talks about the postponement of the the Barrel Proof TX Bourbon. Allisa gives us an update on Sazerac’s move to middle Tennessee. Molly’s mostly frozen, but somewhere in there we hear about plans to get Freeland Spirits here to the 615. And, Christin tells us about the new areas of study over at the Stave & Thief Society.