Since I Was 2

starting_lineI’m from the South.  I may have grown up all over the country, but I did it with a Gone-With-The-Wind fabulous Southern mother and an Army Captain for a father.  So, of COURSE I started on the brown water before I can really remember.  It was rubbed on my gums when I was teething and a number of other “medical” uses probably best not shared, even with the statute of limitations expired on the crime of giving a child alcohol.  Let’s just say that my father’s nightly whiskey may have had a pacifier dipped in it or a sip taken from it with regular frequency.

I cut my later teeth on Wild Turkey.  101.  Neat, maybe on the rocks… but never mixed.  As a young (let’s say 21 year old) drinker, drinking with other young (let’s assume they’re also 21) drinkers, to say I was badass is an understatement.  They were learning to drink on amaretto sours or Zima or yellow fizzy beer.  Not me!  Brown water orders at the local college bars raised an eyebrow or two, but mostly assured that I was never, ever carded.

I may come by my love of whiskey naturally but I’ve spent a couple of decades educating not just my palate.  I’ve studied the history, the heritage, the process and the people.  I’ve raised a glass with legends of the industry and I’ve tasted the first run off the stills of the young entrepreneurial craft makers.  One thing we all share- the legends, the new kids on the block and me, a lifelong enthusiast- is PASSION.

The passion to make, find and sip on the best brown water possible is simply inspiring.  What I’ll be doing here is exploring that passion, providing some education and hopefully inspiring your passion.  I’m formalizing this journey with the creation of Straight Up 615 Whiskey Society.  Join me!