Bourbon Classic 2015- Day 0

Officially, Media Camp for Bourbon Classic doesn’t begin until tomorrow evening.  And when it does, it begins with a BANG!

Chef Ed Lee and Julian Van Winkle will participate in this progressive tasting experience hosted at Copper & Kings American Brandy. Kentucky Proud-inspired food, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Four Roses Bourbon, Copper & Kings Brandy, Copper & Kings Absinthe, Van Winkle Special Reserve (12 year), Van Winkle Family Reserve (15 year), Van Winkle Family Reserve (20 year), and 1,000 Stories Barrel Finished Wine will be available.

Obvious to any brown water lover, tomorrow is not a day to be missed.  And so miss it I shall not!! This whole winter storm business was starting to threaten my way of life for the week and so bags were packed hastily to beat the clock.  I arrived in Louisville last night, at just about the same time as Octavia.

This morning I awoke to a couple of inches of powder, nothing too serious; the roads were pretty clear.  I scoffed at the projections that told me we had 8-12 inches coming towards Louisville.  But now I’m here, so I’ll make the best of it… I do a couple of hours of work, get dressed, go outside and… sink.  It’s snowing with some purpose now, accumulating and getting messy.  Never mind that.  There’s scouting to do.

This is what the trip/today looked like: