Ten Things Every Louisvillian Must Know About Bourbon

While I can’t agree that Kentucky is the “most perfect place on earth” for Bourbon, I do highly recommend the other 9 of these factoids to be in your back pocket!


The bourbon boom is in full swing across America, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Louisville.  Just about every event we have involves bourbon in some respect.  You can find a bourbon-themed event just about every day, but unfortunately they aren’t always staffed with bourbonites.  I once asked a bartender what kind of bourbon she had and her response was “Five Roses or something.”  At another event stocked with some impressive and rare bourbons, a patron asked what the highest proof bourbon was and the bartender responded she would have to ask.  I scanned the lineup and said it was definitely Bookers, the only barrel-proof bourbon they had in their lineup.  You might think this makes me some sort of bourbon genius, but I’m just a dedicated Louisvillian determined to make my city proud.  There are many others out there with far more bourbon knowledge than I…

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