Jack Daniel’s Bottled in Bond Hitting Shelves Now

Have Passport, Will Shop Duty Free

This week I noticed a spike in traffic to a piece from September announcing that Jack Daniel’s would soon bottle in bond. I started asking a few questions to the good folks in-the-know over in Lynchburg. Here’s what I found out:

  • The good news– this Travelers’ Exclusive bottle is now available in major travel retail stores, like airports and cruise ships.
  • The bad news– you’ve gotta leave the U.S. for a few days to buy it. (OK, that’s not really bad news, but makes for an expensive bottle of Jack)
  • The speculation– Jack Daniel’s has a history of releasing new products in this manner before launching them for distribution stateside. Those without international travel plans in the near future- don’t panic! It’s coming.
  • Why you should care– this is the first bottled in bond Tennessee Whiskey that we can find record of.