Mint Julep Nashville Taking Off on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Need a reason to get up early over the weekend? Jump on a luxury tour bus and head out on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail with Mint Julep Experiences. A staple on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Mint Julep crossed the southern border and is here to help you get your passport stamped at a variety of Tennessee distilleries. Offering tours five days a week, Mint Julep is your ticket for a day trip out of Nashville.

The thirty or so distilleries making up the Tennessee Whiskey Trail are spread all across the state, from Memphis to the Tri Cities. Mint Julep is currently concentrating their efforts to explore the Trail in Middle Tennessee, maximizing your day by hitting the road first thing in the morning. The “Legends” tour hits Tennessee whiskey giants Jack Daniels and George Dickel while the “Rising Stars” tour focuses on Tennessee’s craft distilleries. Both tours are about 8 hours and include VIP treatment at the host distilleries as well as lunch and an expert guide to provide a backdrop to the history and color of the Tennessee whiskey landscape.

I was recently treated to a trip out on the new bus, and we hit the Trail for a taste of the “Rising Star” experience. The first stop was at Corsair Distillery where we were treated to a tour and a smorgosboard of cocktail offerings. This is a great way to jump start your day; pack a cooler or a flask to keep the party going on your trip down to H Clark and Leiper’s Fork distilleries. Further tours and lots more tastings await.

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Whether you’re visiting for the first time and want to visit the grandfathers of Tennessee whiskey or you’re looking to expand your horizons into the craft scene, there’s no bad day on the Trail. Contact the Nashville team at Mint Julep to book your tour, or create your own personalized itinerary! These guys have a decade of experience in Kentucky and are now ready roll through Tennessee.