Diageo Unloads Brands to Sazerac for $550M

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The Sazerac Company is purchasing 19 brands from Diageo. Brands being purchased by Sazerac include Seagram’s V.O. Seagram’s 83, Seagram’s Five Star, Myers’s, Romana Sambuca, Yukon Jack, Booth’s, Goldschlager, Popov, Relska, The Club, Black Haus, Peligroso, Grind, Piehole, Parrot Bay, Stirrings, Scoresby and John Begg brands.

Diageo is aiming its resources and focus on the iconic Johnny Walker brand, among others. Johnny Walker’s market share has been slowly lessening as American whiskey brands, most especially Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, have been gaining in popularity globally. Sazerac continues to grow its portfolio ahead of the construction of its Tennessee expansion.

“We are delighted to acquire these iconic brands from Diageo and are looking forward to working closely with our wholesalers and customers to provide the focus to maximize the full global potential of the brands,” stated Jake Wenz, Sazerac’s chief operating officer.

The sale of the brands is expected to be completed by early 2019.