Marianne Eaves Leaves the Key to the Castle

Four years ago, Marianne Eaves took the Kentucky bourbon world by storm with her move from Woodford Reserve to start up distillery Castle & Key. Like good bourbon, Eaves matured in those four years and is now ready to pursue her personal goals. Eaves plans to start consulting, work on strategic partnerships, and seek out book, speaking, digital and culinary projects.

“I am not turning my back on being a Master Distiller, but I am taking the time I need to bring some of my other goals I’ve set to fruition,” Eaves said. “My time at Castle & Key was a phenomenal experience, and I feel that I’ve left it in a place where the spirits can speak to my vision. It is boldness that got me to the position of Master Distiller, and it is time for another bold step in my career to continue to make the impact I envision.”

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