Age Stated Bourbon is Back

Barton’s 1792 Aged Twelve Years

Barton 1792 Distillery is adding one more product to its line up. The limited edition twelve year old bourbon will be available next month. This expression is 96.6 proof and the same mash bill as the flagship brand. Barton will release this small batch each summer going forward.

This is a trend we can get behind.

            Master Distiller Danny Kahn says, “Super-complex up front aromas. The first thing that hits the palate is a subtle but rich sweetness.  It is full, slightly creamy, with a hint of pleasant spice that settles on the tongue. At the end, there is a touch of oaky smokiness that rounds out the aromas. The subtle smokiness of the oak married to the slightly spicy rye flavors and the complex aromas are a nod to what one should expect from a well-matured bourbon. Each time I take it in, I find more and more beautiful interactions!”

Suggested retail pricing is $49.99.