A 615 Round Up

Tennessee Whiskey Gift Ideas

It’s the season to be on the hunt for special whiskey gifts for your special someone. Below are a few of my favorite things sure to please the whiskey lover in your life. We even have a little crossover something for gun enthusiasts. All are scheduled to arrive in middle Tennessee retail stores this month, so shop early and shop often!

Leiper’s Fork Bottled In Bond Tennessee Whiskey

It’s a day craft distilleries dream of- the ability to designate their product as Bottled In Bond. Bonded whiskey is an announcement of epic proportion, a shout out to the whiskey world that the product was distilled by the distillery and has reached a minimum of four years in a barrel. As more and more Tennessee distillers hit this milestone, it’s a badge of honor I’m happy to see spread throughout the state.

Leiper’s Fork Bottled In Bond Tennessee Whiskey single handedly snapped me out of my COVID-induced ageusia. The nose on this whiskey awakened my dulled senses and what a reunion we had!

The heavy char, low entry proof, and low temperature mash cook produce a beautifully balanced Tennessee whiskey. Flavoring grains come in at a combined 30% of the total mash bill. Leiper’s Fork uses not only rye but also a barley that is both toasted and malted. Warm notes of caramel and spice with a roasted, nutty finish make this an easy drinking, feet up by the fire with the one that gives you fuzzy feelings, on the naughty list kind of pour.

When I went to grab a preview of the whiskey, the distillery was waiting on labels for the product, but expected them “any day,” so we hope to see this product hitting retail stores across the greater Nashville area in the coming weeks. MSRP is $79.

Leiper’s Fork Distillery (image via Straight Up 615)

A very special Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

What could be so special about a single barrel of Jack Daniel’s? The guys who picked it. Barrett Firearms, much like Jack Daniel’s, is a global leader in their industry (big guns) and headquartered in middle Tennessee. As a result of this proximity, a local Murfreesboro liquor store is the only place one can find this very unique bottle of Jack.

Barrett is celebrating the recent adoption of their MRAD sniper rifle by the United States Special Operations Command. Designated MK 22 (Multi-Role Adaptive Design Mark 22), this rifle is equipped with swappable barrels. But I’m about the whiskey barrels, not the gun’s barrels, so go check out this Popular Mechanics article to learn more about calibers and whatnot.

The first barrel, honoring one of the three interchangeable barrels on the rifle- 300NM

Murfreesboro Wine & Spirits and Barrett executives chose three single barrels of Jack Daniel’s in homage to each of the MRAD’s barrel options. Each bottle is etched with the MK22 logo. The first of these whiskeys is available today, in very limited quantities, for $59.99. Additional barrels will ship in the coming weeks.

Straight Up 615 begs of you not to mix the drinking of whiskey with the shooting of firearms.

advanced sniper rifle, barrett
Image via Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc

Davidson Reserve 50s

In time to stuff those stockings, our friends at Pennington Distilling Co. made the cutest little 50 mL bottles you’ve ever seen! Packaged as a sampler, your set includes the Davidson Reserve Tennessee Whiskey, Tennessee Bourbon, Four Grain Tennessee Bourbon, and Tennessee Rye. Information on each expression is included, so you can technically call this an educational gift.

Image courtesy of Penning Distilling Co.

This is a great way to taste the many whiskey expressions coming from one of the 615’s own distilleries. The four pack will retail at around $24.99 and will be available in the weeks before Christmas.

George Dickel 15 Year Single Barrels

While many distilleries are removing age statements, Dickel is hitting us with a holiday surprise. The new single barrel offerings will punch in at no less than 15 years old and will vary in strength from 40% to 52.3%. In true single barrel fashion, no two casks will be the same, but they will each display complex liquids, fitting of the extended time spent maturing at Cascade Hollow. Expect rich and complex whiskeys full of vanilla, toffee, rich leather, saddle oil, and wood, to a more delicate perfume of fruit or lavender. You may need a few of these to compare and contrast.

George Dickel Single Barrel 15 Year Old
Image via Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.

Look for these right now in Tennessee as well as California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, and Texas for an MSRP of $59.99. These 15 year old barrels represent some of the older at the distillery, but the oldest are yet to come. Stay tuned for an exciting commemorative bottling coming soon.