Nashville’s Pennington Distillery Celebrates Milestone with Free Harvest Party

2nd Annual Hardest Harvest Party Marks Nashville’s First Bottled in Bond Bourbon Release

October 17th is an important date at Pennington Distilling Co. in Nashville, Tennessee. 2017-09-08-penningtons_davidson-rye-7843.jpgThe first whiskey ever distilled at Pennington was barreled on this day in 2014. The now 4 year old bourbon, bottled under the label Davidson Reserve Genesis, will be available for purchase at the distillery’s party tonight. Not coincidentally, only 1,017 bottles of this limited release will be sold.

Genesis is a mashbill of 70% corn, 25% rye, and 5% barley and, at exactly four years from barreling to bottling, will carry the distinction of being bottled in bond. As a requirement of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, it will be bottled at 100 proof. Jeff Pennington, founder and President of Pennington Distilling Co. said,

We’re so excited to be releasing this incredibly special whiskey. This represents the origin of our whiskey; where everything began for us. Having tasted it, I think people are going to really love it, and only get more excited about the stuff we’ll be releasing in the future.

Tonight’s party at the distillery, from 6 to 9 p.m.,  gives attendees the opportunity to both PDC HHP 2018sample and purchase the commemorative bottles of Genesis. In addition to their newest whiskey, the rest of the Pennington Distilling Co. line up- Pickers Vodka, Whisper Creek, and Davidson Reserve Four Grain and Rye whiskeys- will be available at bars around the property. Food from Urban Grub and music by Allana Royale and headliners Band of Heathens round out the evening.

Previously announced expansion plans have been put on hold due to codes restraints. Look for more whiskey releases from the Penningtons early next year, as both a Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon are currently aging. Go ahead and mark this date on your calendar for the next few years. Last year’s Hardest Harvest Party saw the release of the Pennington’s first aged whiskey- Davidson Reserve Rye. 10/17 will continue in upcoming years as an opportunity for Pennington Distilling to open its doors to the community and roll out new products.