22nd Experimental Release From Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace, you’re killing us. Mongolian Oak? Interesting; let’s try that. But Seasoned Stave? We’re buying TWO more #1 mash bottles because the staves were “seasoned” extra long?

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project barrel

If we’re going to experiment, let’s experiment. Staves that were seasoned for 36 months and 48 months instead of the typical 6 to 9 months sounds more like a forgotten rick pile than it does a true experiment.

Even Harlen seems to be having difficulty with this one. “Although the taste difference is slight between the two experiments, these whiskeys taste different than our flagship Buffalo Trace bourbon. The 48 month seasoned stave barrels created a more mellow taste and holds less flavor from the wood. The 36 month seasoned stave bourbon is a little more flavorful with oak notes and caramel present.” 

This is a nine-year-old Buffalo Trace bourbon, so how bad can it be? All the same, we all anxiously await the slow release of the 22,000+ remaining experimental barrels. Way to control the news cycle, BT!