Women In Whiskey Returns to Nashville Whiskey Festival

2019 Event Includes Barrel Selection of Weller Full Proof Bourbon with Allisa Henley

Women in Whiskey is back at the 2019 Nashville Whiskey Festival on Thursday, September 12. This annual event showcases women in the industry who are not only making whiskey but also making an impact in the business. Panelists this year include Ale Ochoa, Allisa Henley, Eboni Major, Marianne Eaves, Molly Troupe, and Nicole Austin and is moderated by Cary Ann Fuller.

“Spotlighting women in the whiskey business is a huge honor,” says Cary Ann. “Women are taking the reins at distilleries across the country and turning out exceptional products. This is a great opportunity to celebrate their contributions.”

As an added VIP experience, ticket holders will have the chance to select a barrel of Weller Full Proof bourbon with Allisa Henley of Sazerac. This is a much sought after product, and all VIPs will be able to purchase a bottle from Midtown Corkdorks when the barrels are bottled and delivered later this fall.

Tickets are available through Nashville Whiskey Festival.