Bottled in Bond, Part Three, from George Dickel

George Dickel Bottled in Bond, Spring 2007 Season

There’s another one. They just keep coming!

Nicole Austin, Cascade Hollow Distilling General Manager

The third edition of George Dickel Bottled in Bond is hitting shelves in select markets this week. With both of the first two releases earning high honors and accolades, Nicole Austin has proven herself to be fully capable of the work of matching or even outdoing herself with this product line. She acknowledges the pressure of the follow up to winning Whisky of the Year in 2019 and admits the selection and blending process is getting longer each year. “Anything less than 90 [points] is basically a fail for me now.” Austin is laughing, but not joking.

The 2021 Bottled in Bond release was distilled in the Spring season of 2007, making it a solid 13 year old product. This is the first batch to come from a Spring distillation season, meaning all the liquid blended into this batch was distilled between January and June of the same year. At a suggested retail price of $44.99, Austin says, “we’re proud whisky drinkers can enjoy this rare, 13-year-old high proof liquid for a great price.”

Now that the Bottled in bond series is a core brand for George Dickel, finding a coherent identity is prioritized over picking apart the differences of the releases. “This whiskey has a lot more in common with the first two than it is different,” Austin says. “When there are only two releases, it’s so natural to focus on what are the differences between them because you’re comparing two things.” Now, creating a kind of faith in the consistency of this annual release is the goal.

George Dickel Bottled in Bond, 2021 release

“All three of them have fruit and nut tasting notes that are really, really big,” she explains. “Surprisingly balanced for a 100 proof, over 10 year old whiskey are true generally of a George Dickel Bottled in Bond” The subtleties between the grouping are more apparent if you dive in at a “nerd level of 1,000,” Austin jokes. While each of the bonded whiskys have a nuttiness on the palate, this newest one she describes as almond toffee, the first as more peanutty, and the second as a drier pecan. As for the fruit components, a bright cherry note dominates the nose and continues through to the palate.

I only Clubhouse for you, Cary Ann.

Nicole and I decided we’d Level 1,000 geek out together. Thursday, May 13th, at 4 p.m. CDT, we’ll sit down with all three of the bonded Dickels and share our experience on Clubhouse. Join us there to hear more about Nicole’s selection process and blending prowess.