Clubhouse Tutorial

Wondering about Clubhouse? Here’s what you need to know to get started.

I’m not a Clubhouse spokesperson, but I play one on social media. I quickly became a huge fan of this audio-only platform and I’m hoping you’ll all join me there for some Spirited Conversations.

For those who are skeptical of starting yet another social media platform, I get it. I was too. Just come and try it. It was only available to iOS for quite a while, but Android users can now download the app, so come dip a toe in! It’s a pretty simple, straight forward app that’s easy to use. Below are some basics to get you started.

You can go to your app store and download the app if you don’t have a direct invitation. (Click here from your phone for a bypass straight in!) You’ll set up a user name and go on a wait list. Any friend of yours (contacts in your phone) already on the app will be notified that your membership is pending and can bring you in. Once that happens-

1- Complete your profile. You can make this as long or short as you like. At a minimum, you should have a picture, your name, your job title/claim to fame, and a link to your Instagram.
2- Definitely make sure you are following me (@StraightUp615) and my club (Straight Up Spirited)!
3- Find friends and clubs to follow. Be intentional here. The Clubhouse algorithm determines your interests and shows you rooms based on who you follow.

What it will look like once you’re in a room

Only people on stage can speak. You will need to accept an invitation from a moderator to come to stage.

Audience members can request to join in on the conversation by raising their hand by clicking the icon at the bottom.

The moderators of the room can invite audience members onto the stage to ask questions and then send them back to audience.

Once on stage you’re able to unmute yourself and speak. Proper etiquette here is to keep yourself muted if you’re not speaking. The microphone icon at the bottom of the screen appears when you’re on stage.

If you see people flashing the mute icons by their profile pictures, it is the equivalent to clapping.

Changing your profile pic is super easy while in a room- just click your own profile, click your picture, and change. This is the only way to share photos.

You might hear the term PTR, which means Pull To Refresh. If someone is showing a new picture, they’ll ask the room to PTR and the new photo will show. 

About every 15-20 minutes, rooms will “reset.” This is just an opportunity to pause and make a brief intro to the topic for newcomers to the room. It’s completely OK and normal for people to pop in and out of rooms.

There is no chat feature in Clubhouse. This is where your Instagram link is necessary. Clubhouse is full of folks who actually want to connect a network IRL (in real life) and DM on IG is how that happens.

Welcome to the Club. Let’s chat whiskey and all things spirited!